Courthouses of Texas

Well, I've gotten started... One of the best things about Texas are the historic courthouses found across the state. In our travels, we tend to take the back roads and stumble upon amazing and beautiful town squares and courthouses. One of my dreams is to have a set of pictures of these wonderful buildings. Indeed, I may even put together a book of them.untitled-02651_2_3-EditOn  a recent trip to my nephew's wedding, we found ourselves in Cleburne, Texas a sunset and there, rising about the square, was the Johnson County courthouse. It was evening and the combination of the building and clouds and sky was irresistible! Time to stop and take some pictures. Well, that started the planning of trips around the historic courthouses of Texas. You can find more about these wonderful building by visiting Texas Courthouses Restored. It is my guide to the restored courthouses and the center of our trip planning when we travel Texas.
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